Winning Buyer Strategies in a Hyper Competitive Market

  1. Financing & Cash Upfront | You don’t go to the store for eggs and not know in advance
    what you’re going to spend. Homes are the same! Working with a solid Lender prior to
    shopping will give you the best chance in competing in a multiple offer situation. The
    Seller needs utmost confidence in your offer to choose it.
  2. Closely Monitor the Market | With days on market being under a week in many
    markets, track new listings as they come on and send them to your agent to set up a
    showing. Being able to move quickly when a good value comes on the market makes the
    difference between securing a home ASAP or submitting offers after the Seller’s review
  3. Communicate Urgency | Communicate your needs to your real estate professional.
    When they know you are looking to move in two months, they will put your search on the
    highest priority. Sharing your goals and expectations allows a realtor to best manage the
    transaction and your overall real estate experience.
  4. Be Open to Terms | Sellers at times aren’t just looking for the highest price. In the event
    of needing to sell quickly, a Buyer who’s ready to close early looks better. And
    conversely, some Sellers are slow to pack up a house and need a lease back from the
    Buyer/New Owner to organize their move. Sellers tend to favor contingency waivers for
    J-1 Home Inspections and L-2 Termite Inspections, however if you’d like them but want
    to remain competitive, you can always pay for the termite inspection out of pocket. If they
    find termite activity, request that the Seller pays for the tenting.
  5. Remember Your Why | There are real challenges to buying real estate and
    remembering why you want to buy a home will help you keep focused on the goal and
    maintain a positive outlook when the barriers pop up. Do some journaling and get clear:
    a. I want a home for an easier retirement.
    b. I want my kids to grow up with a big backyard.
    c. I want to quit paying rent.
    d. I want to host parties and have friends and family over.
    e. I want assets to leave for my family.

It’s not impossible to buy a home in 2022, it’s just going to take teamwork. Assemble your team
of lenders, realtor, and CPA and let us go to bat and get you the home you’ve always wanted!