Nationwide Relocation Support

Moving to Hawaii and have to sell your mainland home? Or are you selling your Hawaii home to relocate to the mainland? We got you covered! As a member of the Buffini & Company nationwide referral network, we work with the top realtors across the US to help clients transact real estate with ease! The #1 value Buffini Realtors share is the givers gain philosophy, we put our clients first. We love being of service and providing value, so our client’s enjoy an excellent real estate experience.

When our Hilo client sold her home and needed to purchase in Vancouver, Washington, she didn’t know where to start! So we connected her to 3 top Buffini Agents in Vancouver, she interviewed them and picked the one she works best with. All the while supporting her move and connecting her with the best vendors to make her transition stress free and as easy as possible.

How It Works

  • You’re moving to Hawaii and need to sell your mainland home to buy in Hawaii.


  • You’re moving to the mainland and need to sell your Hawaii home and buy on the mainland.
  1. Schedule our consultation to best understand your real estate needs, schedule and priorities. 
  2. Connect you with top 3 agents and lenders in the area. 
  3. Coordinate with the mainland agent, list your home, and create a closing timeline. 
  4. Get you where you need to go, on time and less stress!